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Akropolis by KuCoin Airdrop Alert is worth an astonishing 60,000 AKRO tokens worth (~$ 1600) in total!!, Hello Guys!! Welcome back to AliTech World of Airdrop and today we are introducing this wonderful airdrop called Akropolis by KuCoin (AKRO) Airdrop. Stay Tuned as we explore this airdrop together.


When we say  AKRO these are two types of word’s that represent two different things and will explain it to you. What kucoin is and Acropolis originates from the coin called Kucoin.


We all know different kinds of crypto are being launch nowadays which once they launch it they use to info people an first circulate the crypto inform of Airdrop which was the main reason we brought up the platform called Alitech Airdrop Alert just to alert you of any airdrops that might be launch so that we won’t lose a chance just as many people losses bitcoin airdrop and other crypto when it was launched now this is kucoin airdrop by akropolis.


What is Akropolis?

In lay man language Akropolis is just like an organisation or a company that owns and controls a crypto or cryptocurrency called Kucoin and it’s said to be the domain and root of the organisation.


What is Kucoin?

Kucoin is simply a crypto or a cryptocurrency which are being decentralised on a block chain used for trading and other online.  It’s said to be a crypto which is based in Hong Kong with over 398 cryptocurrency paired among the citizens and others.


Brief Information about KuCoin and Akropolis

Akropolis is a domain-specific financial protocol designed to cater for the needs of the informal sector of the economy. It is designed to build Decentralized and autonomous community economies by providing products that help people save, grow and scale.

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency in Hong Kong. The exchange takes pride in having one of the world’s most spectacular trading pair selections, with an amazing catalogue of more than 398 Cryptocurrencies/pairs. Among them, you can find popular Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.


Features of Akropolis by KuCoin Airdrop

  • Total Value of Airdrop: 60,000 AKRO
  • Airdrop End Date: 7th of August, 2020
  • Airdrop Distribution End Date: Within 15 days after the campaign ends

Registration process of the airdrop alert

Requirements for Akropolis by KuCoin Airdrop

  • Twitter account required
  • Signup required

Native Blockchain

  • Ethereum

Download Kucoin App

Step-by-Step Guide on Akropolis by KuCoin Airdrop

  1. Create an account on KuCoin here. (For get about this step if you already have an account of kucoin in app or browser)
  2. Register on Akropolis by KuCoin (AKRO) Airdrop Alert
  3. Follow KuCoin and Akropolis on Twitter.
  4. Retweet this post with your comment including following hashtag: #KuCoinAMA & take a screenshot.
  5. Akropolis by KuCoin (AKRO) Airdrop Alert on twitter
  6. Submit your KuCoin UID and other details to the airdrop form And summit.
  7. Akropolis by KuCoin (AKRO) Airdrop Alert form

Since it’s an Airdrop so the rewards is said to be distributed to your KuCoin account in the next 15 days after the campaign comes to an end on the 7th of August 2020 this same year and month.

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