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We bring to you today another paying Bitcoin platform, and trust me you can really make alot from this one if you are truly willing.

Below are some brief overview of what the site is all about and how to earn from it. 

Battletrader Overview 

Battletrader is a platform built with an interface like that of forex trading, where you have to predict the rise and fall in price signals, the difference with Battletrader are listed below

No capital to start 

Unlike forex trading where you have to start with some amount of capital, Battletrader requires no capital to start as of now,upon registering, you will be rewarded with 500BP(Battle Point) to start your trading with, but we cannot tell whether a price tag will be attached to it in future, so it better to join now when it’s free. 

Trades are in pool 

To start a trade, you will need join a pool with other traders and be charge with some BP, the price to be won after a trade depends on the number of traders in a pool and how big the pool reward is, the pool rewards will be shared according to traders positions but the winner takes the highest reward.

Invite new users 

You also earn reward points for inviting new users to the platform, as of the time this post was published, you earn 1000BP for each user you invite to the platform.

I have answered some questions you might want to ask about Battletrader below

When do I cashout my earnings?

You cashout your earnings immediately your reward points hit 25000BP which is equivalent to $5. Payment are received in Bitcoin..

Is Battletrader scam or legit?

as if the time this post published, there are no mean to prover if it is legit or not as there are no reported case of scam and few users have claimed to cash out their earnings from the platform. The platform is free for now so there is definitely nothing to lose!.

How do i get started? 

To get started,

You need to have a Google account as signing up requires you to use gmails only. 

 register with the link provided below to get a welcome bonus of 500BP that you can start your trading with.


Some other things to note includes:

  • For your account to be fully activated you need to complete at least 15 tournaments which may be played using your free bonus.
  • You also need a Bitcoin wallet app to receive your funds, choosing Luno or coinbase app is recommended.


More airdrops and free cryptocurrency tips coming soon, stay tuned!. 

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