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The Mofi Finance Airdrop is worth 20 MOFI tokens (approximately $25). Mofi Finance Information Mofi Finance is a DeFi hub that specializes in collateralized tokens.

The Mofi team believes it is a critical missing piece of the puzzle on the current basis. These can be LP tokens, tokens that earn returns on projects like yield-earning, or even new Bond tokens. Mofi believes that these successes will be transferred to the Binance Smart Chain via the BNB coin.


MOFI Finance is developing a DeFi platform that will include services such as yield-earning, MOFI Swap, the MOFI NFT platform, and Mofi Starter. More information can be found here.


How do I participate in the Mofi Finance Airdrop?

Tokens distributed as part of an airdrop
No Referral Program KYC KYC is not required. 20 MOFI Tokens Per Referral.

“Mofi Finance Airdrop” Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Create an account to sign up for the Mofi Finance Airdrop.
  2. Log in to your account and verify your email. Navigate to the MOFI Airdrop page.
  3. Join the Mofi Finance Group and Telegram Channel. (MOFI +8)
  4. Mofi Finance can be found on Medium. (MOFI +3)
  5. Follow Mofi Finance on Twitter and retweet the most recent tweet. (MOFI +9)
  6. Fill out the form on the Airdrop page with your Binance Smart Chain wallet and other information.
  7. You will be given 20 MOFI tokens (worth $25).


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