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The crypto World sure is a great medium to make some cash, but the more you get involved, the more likely you are to fall for hackers. This has been a rising issue in the crypto world as hackers get away with millions of cypto each year, this also leads to the increase need of security from cypto users however with the right effort and measures, you can be free and away from hackers reach.This article provides highly effective measures to keep you safe from hackers.

The Two Factors Authentication(2FA)

This is very vital measure to keep your wallet secure, authentication is required anytime you make an attempt use your digital wallet app, you will receive a unique code that keeps changing within a time frame, this code is to be used to authenticate your access to the wallet. Not all digital wallet providers offers this feature but the more popular ones do, so choose your digital wallet app carefully!

Consider password managers

Password managing app provides a very efficient mean to store complex passwords, you should consider getting one rather than storing your private key or 12 phrase on a notepad. It is important to note that some passwords manager can be vulnerable to hackers, so always choose wisely.

Make a Backup

Always remember to make a backup of your sensitive informations so just in case of a data loss, you money won’t be lost as well, you can make a backup to popular cloud storages which i highly recommend or simply make a backup to flash drives that’ll be always kept safe.

Use anti-virus

Always consider getting an anti-virus for your device as it protects them from malicious apps that is designed to steal your valuable informations. Always be sure to keep them updated too.

Stay away from public WiFi

Free WiFi is good, but if you want to keep your data safe, stay away from them as hackers usually use this medium to as an easy way to retrieve data from victims device. Using a Vpn might be wise, but trust me it doesn’t always work. KEEP AWAY!, Better safe than sorry i always say!