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. Tron come Airdrop

It has been a while here, we are sorry for not keeping you guys updated on airdrops alerts, we promise to provide only legit content and that is what we will do. Today we bring to you one of the latest paying Tron Airdrop. Follow below guide to learn more about this Airdrop.

Tron come Airdrop

Tron has finally been added to the cypto market, so another Airdrop has been set up to promote the coin even more, Tron come Airdrop like every other Airdrop requires you to perform some simple task an get rewarded in TRX which can be easily accumulated into your trustwallet, You get rewarded for every task you complete on this Airdrop. These task are quite easy and they will be listed below.

Tron come Airdrop Tasks


Register in bot

The first task is to register for the Tron Airdrop which can be done by clicking on the link provided below. Upon registering, no TRX will be awarded to you but by completing other tasks you will earn more TRX.

Enter your Tron wallet address

The next task will be to enter your Tron wallet address,you can use trustwallet to get your wallet address, follow the steps below to get your Tron wallet from trustwallet.

  • Launch your trustwallet app and click on the ‘+’ sign as shown below.Tron come Airdrop
  • search for Tron with the search box as shown below and enable it.Tron Airdrop
  • Now go back and click on the Tron option and retrieve your wallet address from there.

Join discord group

Next task is to join their discord group, the link to join the discord group will be provided for you on the bot. Joining the discord group is completely optional, there is no reward attached to join the group.

Post your Tron wallet to the discord group

As aforementioned, there is no reward for joining the discord group but if you did join and post your Tron wallet address on the group, you will be rewarded with 0.2 TRX which will be sent to your wallet after 1 hour.

Join telegram group

You will also be be rewarded for joining their telegram group too with 0.2 TRX which will be sent directly to your wallet address after an hour. The link to join will be provided in the telegram bot.

Invite referrals

Like every other Airdrop, Tron come Airdrop also reward users for inviting people to the Airdrop, for every referral you make, you will be rewarded with 0.1 TRX, which will also be withdrawn to your account after an hour.

Tron come Airdrop link

The Airdrop has a bot on telegram which will assist you in earning and joining groups.

Click below to access the bot.


Payment proof

Below are the withdrawal made to trustwallet.

After joining, complete the tasks, and grab your referral link to invite your friends to join The Tron come Airdrop. Happy earning.

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