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VIBEster Airdrop is worth up to 150 VIBS tokens (~$ 13.50) and this is a wonderful opportunity to earn free $$.

Hello Guys!! This is AliTech Airdrop Alert and we have brought another wonderful Airdrop alert straight to you!! Stay Tuned as we will discussing VIBEster airdrop and how you can benefit from this wonderful Airdrop.

What is VIBEster?

VIBEster is a strong and vibrant community based on real relationships between its users to provide quality multimedia content for entertainment and knowledge. These multimedia will compromise of both videos and pictures thus providing you with a premium source of content. VIBEster intends to organize live shows in which they will tell users about the project and more and will keep users updated on the details of these events even while creating them.

VIBEster also intends to design a mobile application to present users with attractive crypto projects so that users will know what is happening on the crypto market without spending long hours carrying out research or reading opinions and reviews.

Another important feature of the application will be the Technological Hub. Which will showcase interesting and innovative projects in the field of new technology. It will be an option for investors who intend to invest in new technology or projects. As a result of these actions, the achievement of the subordinate goals will be the creation and investment in knowledge of alternative drives.

New technology is the future and VIBS is at the forefront. VIBS token is already being traded at Finexbox exchange.

Features of VIBEster Airdrop

  • Tokens per Airdrop: ~ 150 VIBS ($13.50)
  • Tokens per Referral: You don’t need to refer people. It is not referral-based

Requirement for VIBEster Airdrop

  1. Telegram Account
  2. Twitter Account
  3. Facebook Account
  4. Instagram Account

Native Blockchain

  • Ethereum Blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide for VIBEster Airdrop

  1. Visit the VIBEster Airdrop form.
  2. Join VIBEster on Telegram.
  3. Follow VIBEster on Twitter and Facebook
  4. Follow VIBEster on Instagram.
  5. Complete optional tasks to earn +25 VIBS tokens.
  6. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and other details to the Airdrop form here.

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