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What are Airdrops?

Cryptocurrency airdrops are free tokens or coin distributed by a cryptocurrency enterprise to the wallet address of some users. Airdrops are strategies used by cypto companies to create more awareness About a cryptocurrency to gain more users and ensure a wider use of the coin.

Airdrop aim to engage more popular Cryptocurrencies user such as the Bitcoin and Ethereum to its currency or project, taking advantage of the already established currency to grow its own.

There are mainly two methods by which airdrops are being distributed, by selecting a user’s wallet address at random or by making an announcement about the free token beforehand.

Newly started crypto creators usually prefer announcing beforehand, as their aim is to ensure that the newly created currency is well broadcasted among the public.

Free cypto can be gained engaging with a newly released cypto through an Airdrop, mostly, certain task like joining telegram channels or simply promoting with social media needs to be completed in order to qualify for a free Airdrop. Other tasks like having to contribute funds to the project is considered an ICO rather than an Airdrop.

This strategy has proven to be effective as it is widely used among new cryptocurrency projects, as it goal to spread the word among the public is mostly achieved.

However, getting to know about a new Airdrop and knowing about a new Airdrop early are two things mostly people who are into the crypto world gets to know about an Airdrop before it eventually get disbursed, signing up to a websites, newsletters, joining telegram channels or other Airdrop related social media group can actually be a good source of information on upcoming Airdrops.

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