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We have been posting quite a number of posts related to Airdrops so we decided a very fundamental question which is “Why do new Crypto projects do Airdrops?” So In this Article we’ll be talking about airdrops and why new Cryptocurrency Projects carry out Airdrops and reasons you should join Airdrops

So what is an Airdrop?

An Airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to numerous wallet addresses. In essence, it is a giveaway done new cryptocurrency projects. Read more about Airdrops *here

Reasons for Airdrops

There are quite a number of reasons why new Cryptocurrency Projects carry out Airdrops so let us get straight to it

  1. Increase in engagement rate on social media channels:

A very important requirement for any Crypto Project to be successful is, a strong community of users. So Crypto startups make use of airdrops to reach out to new and prospective users. Most Crypto airdrops require users to follow their Twitter Page, retweet a particular tweet and join a Telegram Channel. All these serve as a means of attracting new users to their tokens and building a community of Users.

2. Access to Target audience & qualified leads:

Airdrops allow New Cryptocurrency startups to gain access to their target audience and interact with them. These allows them to engage in conversations with users and gain feedback from users about the new token and areas of improvement. It builds confidence and trust in users and makes them not to view the project as a scam

3. Means of Testing New Tokens:

Airdrops give developers/New Cryptocurrency to test the new token and discover its strengths and weaknesses. Users can then give feedback on areas that need improvement to the developers. Developers can then improve the crypto project and make it much better

Reason to Join Airdrops

  • Reap the benefits of Blockchain:

As a regular participant of airdrops you can make a lot of money by trading these new tokens for fiat currency or other crypto tokens. You can enjoy the benefit of security and privacy on Blockchain in contrast to existing banking system

  • Learn about New Emerging Technology

By participating in new airdrops, you learn about emerging trends in the aspect of Blockchain Technology. Some companies let you exchange their tokens for goods, other ones take advantage of the mobile data on Blockchain, and finally you can start your small to medium-sized business using Blockchain. You can be a part of these trends by participating in Airdrops

  • Influence the future

By lending your opinions and feedback to developers, admins and managers of new crypto tokens you can play a vital role in the development of new crypto projects. You can highlights bugs, errors and even suggest new and additional features you want to see in these New Projects and you can be assured that your voice will be heard. So make sure you hop on this moving train and be a part of Airdrops

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